Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who’s Next After Baghdad?

Politicians urged to pull "our boys" out of the Aussie Rules series down under due to the violence
Those images of blood and violence
Screamed across our screens in silence.
Numbed, we all in horror studied
Pictures of the bowed and bloodied,
Gasping pain with every breath,
Praying for a quick, clean death,
While we, safe in our pristine houses
Hugged our parents, children, spouses.

Kofi Annan, dodging flak,
Condemned this unprovoked attack,
And said that he could not endorse
This unrelenting use of force.
The United Nations, he said grimly,
Viewed this situation dimly,
And very soon it would begin
To send the first peacekeepers in.

George announced that he was vexed,
And threatened to invade them next.
How could he allow this schism
Propogate such terrorism?
The Allies, he announced to cheers,
Would move to quell our darkest fears,
While Tony Blair, thus subtlely prodded,
Sagely looked around and nodded.

Back at home, the campaign grew
To make sure that our boys withdrew.
The coalition vowed to strive
To bring survivors home alive.
And Bertie showed distinct unease
When hearing anguished parents’ pleas.
But still maintained the great pretence
Of sitting blithely on the fence.

Flags of freedom were unfurled
At embassies around the world,
As millions joined in the procession
To condemn this base aggression.
And as the world recoiled in pain
It struggled madly to explain
The reasons for the dismal failure
Of Compromise Rules, down in Australia.

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