Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dolores MacNamara

The multi-million Euro lottery winner

Dolores MacNamara has found instant wealth and fame,
Her name’s on everybody’s lips this week.
The solitary winner of the Euro lottery game.
The subject of each media critique.

Hypothetical discussions, what to do if in her shoes,
Should she go ahead and spend, spend, spend?
Will she handpick villas with incredible sea views?
Or will the money drive her round the bend?

We’ve all dished out the millions to relations and to friends,
Discussed the charities that we would choose,
Vowed to take cognizance of the economic trends,
Once we’d spent a fortnight on the booze.

The thing that stuns me is she’s only number seventy two
In the current list of Ireland’s super rich.
How can so many people be so bleedin’ well-to-do,
While millions more complain that life’s a bitch?

It’s hard for us to fathom such a many-zeroed sum,
While squashed in on the number twenty two.
Hanging on for hours with a pushchair up your bum
And a brolly dripping gaily on your shoe.

But Dolores MacNamara, I just wish her all the best,
She represents the hopes and dreams of all.
Her conscience and good judgement will be soon put to the test,
When the letters start to pile up in the hall.

But will it make her happy? I hear many people say.
Would she not be better off with nowt?
I cannot hand on heart give any answer either way,
But I’d love to have the chance of finding out.

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