Saturday, August 11, 2007

Leave them alone, they’ve suffered enough

"Take That" announce they're playing Belfast's Odyssey Arena

Traffic jams deliver strife
To Roscrea and to Nenagh.
Inflation, so they say, is rife
On down in Argentina.
Moscow ganglords flout the law,
Ignoring each subpoena,
And tensions bubble to the fore
In Mecca and Messina.

But Belfast is the toughest place,
The streets are so much meaner,
Although they now no longer face
The terrorist hyena.
Not long now since suspicion fell
On every Ford Cortina,
Emerging from that living hell,
Their hopes are so much keener.

They’d all expressed the hopeful views
That now the air was cleaner,
But now this latest piece of news
Has shocked the Belfast Fianna.
This quite disgraceful coup d’étât
Could not be more obscener.
Imagine putting on “Take That”
At the Odyssey Arena!

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