Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Superior away form

(Minister for Forein Affairs Dermot Ahern enthralls Chadian youngsters, and indeed us, by performing 18 keepie-uppies in an impromptu kickabout shown on you tube)
The Minister, watching some football in Chad,
Decided to show off the skills that he had
And clad, not in boots, but in patent hush-puppies,
He managed a worthy eighteen keepie-uppies.
The locals clapped loudly, all doubtless impressed
By this show of great skill eloquently expressed.

Back at home, it was played and we all tipped our cap
To his footballing skills in some place on the map.
In amazement we watched him controlling the ball,
For at home, he had not seemed sure-footed at all.
In fact, far from showing an ounce of control,
Himself and his colleagues have lost sight of goal.