Saturday, August 11, 2007

The European Constitution

Even the French voted against the new European constitution

The bourgeoisie all sipped their café latté,
And overdosed on too much Belgian pâté,
But now they’re overthrown by revolution
As the French tore up their precious Constitution.

Once more the peasants rose up ‘gainst their masters,
Inflicting one of Europe’s great disasters.
Madame Guillotine performed the execution
When the French killed off this wretched Constitution.

They blame it on extremist propaganda
With strident claims of bias and of slander,
But surely it’s not merely elocution
That caused the French to kill this Constitution?

A founding member state has been effective
In killing off political invective.
Can anybody think of a solution
Now the French have ripped to shreds this Constitution?

The Gallic nation’s seen as very fickle,
But thanks to them, we are not in a pickle.
It saved us lots of bitter retribution
When the French did not adopt this Constitution.

Thank God we’ll all be spared a referendum,
The issues won’t need Bertie to defend ‘em,
Voting slips will not need distribution,
Because the French kicked out this Constitution

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