Saturday, August 11, 2007

On Britain’s Reluctance to Join the Euro

The British, oft in days of yore,
Produced a gallant hero,
But bravery’s now out the door,
And Britain’s stock is zero.

From John o’Groats to Gretna Green
From Tyne and Wear to Truro,
These fearless citizens are seen
To cower from the Euro.

From crusty sailors in Penzance
To miners up in Jarrow,
The people will not take a chance,
Their thinking is too narrow.

The sterling sign, so big and tough,
Is proudly writ in biro,
The only thing that’s good enough
To scrawl upon their Giro.

The British pound, the British pence,
To lose them would bring sorrow,
But they’ll soon see it makes more sense
To join with us tomorrow.

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