Saturday, August 11, 2007

The St Patrick’s Day Parade

Thank God my kids are too old to be brought to the Patricks Day parade anymore!

Great attention would be paid
To fixing on the green brocade,
And then the journey would be made
To watch the festive cavalcade,
A well-prepared, provisioned raid
Upon the GPO arcade.

Flag sellers did a roaring trade,
Enthusiasm was relayed.
We’d walk with eager step, afraid
We’d get there late and be dismayed,
Though with a fervent heart I prayed
Proceedings wouldn’t be delayed.

Behind the metal barricade
In Henry Street we always stayed,
Adjacent to the colonnade.
Then, hearing marching music played,
We craned and clapped and cheered and swayed
And jumped and laughed and shook and brayed.

We’d watch the lorries that conveyed
The floats embossed with felt and braid,
So colourful, yet well arrayed
With advertising brands displayed
Until, to call a spade a spade,
A sense of boredom would pervade.

Interest began to fade,
Attention very quickly strayed,
Tempers started to get frayed
And I’d launch into a tirade.
My hair was prematurely greyed
By Dublin’s Patrick’s Day parade.

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