Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Matter of Priority

For thirty years, these Ministers accepted their large salaries,
Informing us occasionally that we should watch our calories.
And then they’d hit the campaign trail to ask for a majority,
And robbing pensions from the old was hardly a priority.

Often folk had spent their lives in uninspiring drudgery,
Yet activating for their rights was seen as mere begrudgery.
The mighty wheels of Government evinced superiority,
And therefore they were fleeced, but it was scarcely a priority.

Stealing money from the people who could least afford it
Became a trait that slipped through every Civil Service audit,
How was such a crime allowed by those with seniority?
Ah sure, ‘twas not a crime at all –it wasn’t a priority.

Now and then in thirty years, some people would raise questions
About the scheme’s legality, and offer some suggestions.
“Come back, come back some other time!” the Wizard said to Dorothy.
“In the great big scheme of things, it isn’t a priority.”

And thus the whole thing rumbled on without a resolution.
Successive shrugging Ministers all looked for absolution.
And still it might go on, had not the South West Health Authority
Grabbed the nettle in their hands, and made it a priority.
News announced that the government have been fleecing pensioners for years in the provision of nursing home places

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