Saturday, August 11, 2007


Monica Leech is accused of using her position as a Minister's friend to win a tender

Bogie, in one famous scene
On the river’s darkest reaches,
Towed the heavy “African Queen”
And got attacked by leeches.

His shouts of terror were combined
With jungle wails and screeches –
A cacophany to blow the mind,
Apart from all those leeches.

They fix themselves onto the skin
In any nooks and niches,
And naturally it’s hard to grin
When bonding with these leeches.

But now, the latest thinking that
The modern doctor teaches,
Claims these notions are old hat,
And we should cherish leeches.

They’re big and black and stick like glue,
But do not fear, for each is
A source of feeling well-to-do-
Those lovely, winsome leeches.

For when your immune system fails,
You must shoere up the breeches,
And medical reform regales
The curing power of leeeches.

They’re beneficial to one’s health,
So modern dogma preaches.
They suck the poisons out by stealth,
Those wondrous, healing leeches.

And Ministers in Government
Deliver glowing speeches
About the holy covenant
That we should form with leeches.

So throw away those old ideas,
The Space Age doc beseeches.
Heed environmental peers
Attach yourselves to leeches.

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