Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The most devious of all

He was always the one who stood out from the crowd,
He was upright and always plain-speaking.
He was not seen as scurrilous, haughty or proud,
And did not seem publicity seeking.
Just an ordin’ry Joe in an old anorak,
Untainted by rumours and poisonous flak,
Yes Bertie stood out from the rest of the pack,
For he seemed the most honest of all.

There were some who used taxpayers’ money to build
A three foot high wall round their dwelling.
There were some who tapped into the property guild
For a piece of the land they were selling.
There were Charvais silk shirts, there were belts to be tightened,
And phones to be tapped and young Gards to be frightened,
There were presidents too to be roughly enlightened,
But Bertie played no part at all.

But now it appears that the halo has slipped,
The questions come thicker and stronger.
In a web of deceit, our great leader has tripped,
But will he be leader much longer?
The financial questions, concisely expressed,
Are constantly fudged when he’s put to the test.
It appears after all he was just like the rest,
And perhaps the most devious of all.

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