Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Ansbacher list

Whatever became of the Ansbacher list?
Those hundred odd names who avoided their tax?
Did anything happen? Was there something I missed?
Did we ever find out all the pertinent facts?

As we tightened our belts, these one hundred or so,
With a grin on their face salted money away.
And crippled by taxes, our dreams were laid low –
Oh the poor sing laments, while the rich lads all play.

But they told us they’d found them. They told us they’d shame them.
They told us the list would be published quite soon.
The papers were ready to go out and name them,
But again we were left howling loud at the moon.

All of a sudden, it went very quiet.
The subject was dropped and not mentioned again.
Was pressure applied? Oh I’m sure they’d deny it,
While the rest of us sway to the usual refrain.

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