Friday, October 17, 2008

Hating old people

Oh cleave my poor tongue to the roof of my mouth
And cast me adrift to my fate.
May all of my friends say ‘Farewell’ and head south,
For what I’m about to relate.

The elderly, sadly, are all in a tizzy
Because of the budget’s means testing.
Many are scandalised, many are busy
Writing in to Joe Duffy, protesting.

The subject’s emotive and Lenihan’s lash
Has caused quite an old-age furore.
They’re on the phone saying they won’t have the cash
In Galway and Gort and in Gorey.

“Worked hard all my life. Now I’m left out to rot.”
“They’re robbing old people of savings.”
“Robbing us blind of the little we’ve got.”
On and on go the denture-frothed ravings.

But what is the problem, I ask, pretty please,
To take part in a means-tested audit?
Why should those with millions seek medical fees
When its evident they can afford it?

Hand-outs should go with how little you earn –
Old age should not earn you acquittal.
Let those OAPs who have money to burn
Not sponge off of those who have little.

Of course I agree that the thresh-hold is low,
And that some of those caught are not wealthy,
But the principal stands – you should pay as you go
If your bank book is looking quite healthy.
Can't believe I'm siding with FF / PDs on this one but I can't see any earthly reason why medical cards for OAPs should not be means tested. Was it right for former Taoiseach Charlie Haughey to have a medical card? Or George Redmond? The current cut off point is somewhat low and should be raised but the principle is sound.

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