Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The banker’s lament

Oh Lord, this is no time to be a banker,
The fifteenth storey ledges are all full of them.
Their plight elicits raging wrath and rancour.
The public says it’s time there was a cull of them.
For years they’ve robbed Joe Public willy-nilly,
Now the Government has threatened to weigh anchor.
The fat cats all appear now rather silly,
Their blank expressions lately even blanker.

Oh Lord, this is no time to be a banker,
‘Tis not the same profession they enlisted in.
Well I recall the times I used to hanker
After that whole world that they existed in.
But now the knives are out in ev’ry city,
In Hong Kong, London, Chile and Sri Lanka.
It’s difficult to shed a tear of pity.
Now is not the time to be a banker.

1 comment:

tony said...

Doesn't seem a bad time to be a banker now Pete. I'd certainly swop salaries (and bonuses) with one.