Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Underestimating the people

Oh how I remember those halcyon days
When Nice first came on the agenda
The treaty was going through a difficult phase
And Brian was its staunchest defender.

Like a giant bulldozer,
He tore those to shreds
Who sought to impose a
No vote on our heads…

Look at us,” he affirmed,
As his colleagues just squirmed,
We are honest and upright politicians.
Such a noble array
Should immediately allay
Any tiny but nagging suspicions.
Look at those voting no,
What an unholy show!
An alliance of the misfits of society.
Loony lefties, lefty loonies,
Fundamentalists, Moonies,
Lesbians and gays of notoriety.
You know we make more sense
Here on this side of the fence.
We’re hard-working, decent folk and well-respected.”

But for some strange reason, we
Felt obliged to disagree
And thus the first Nice Treaty was rejected.

Fast forward four years to 2008
And Lisbon was being debated
Poor Brian swung into the campaign quite late
You could tell he was somewhat aerated.

It was a no-brainer,
‘Twas not hard to guess!
The vet’ran campaigner
Was urging a Yes…

Look at us,” he declared
As his colleagues just stared.
“What a highly respected alliance!
Irish hearts, one and all,
Men and women, hear our call
And vote in great numbers for compliance!
But look at those who espouse
Scrubbing our Lisbon vows,
What a rabble of ne’er-do-well traitors!
Raving Marxist flunkies,
Adulterers and junkies,
Socialists and Northern agitators.
There’s the leftist literati,
The political castrati,
Bible-thumpers in bed now with pagans.
There are Muslims and Vegans,
Anarchic Galwegians
And drunks who can’t get into Fagan’s.
You know we make more sense
Here on this side of the fence.
Come out, come out and do what is expected.”

But again it didn’t work
And poor Brian went beserk
Because the Lisbon Treaty was rejected.

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