Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Come on in - the recession’s lovely

How’s the recession going, Mrs. O’Connor?
Is it quite as dreadful as you feared?
Is your husband’s job now deemed a goner?
Have mortgage-clearing hopes now disappeared?

This damned recession’s only one week old now
But see! the clouds are gath’ring overhead.
All the companies will start to fold now –
The poor old Celtic Tiger’s truly dead.

How’ve you found it so far, Miss McCarthy?
Are you weathering the great financial storm?
I did enjoy your pre-recession party,
The opposite of ‘dark before the dawn.’

One week in and all is changed completely
The queues are back again for claiming dole.
Neighbours try and sell their homes discreetly
To circumvent this economic hole.

How’re you faring so far, Mister Lucas?
No champagne in which to soak your dentures?
Our EU partners line up to rebuke us
For our gross financial misadventures.

Oh yes, we’re in recession – it’s official.
Happy Ireland now is dead and gone.
Cutbacks are considered beneficial,
But who’re we going to lay the blame upon?

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