Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Lisbon Treaty

Most tea-leaves are grown upon bushes,
So the vertically-challenged can reach ‘em.
The foliage grows thick and luscious,
(According to Stephanie Beecham.)

But in Lisbon, they grow a variety
On trees grown in soil that’s peaty.
Oh its quite the new thing in society –
The highly renowned Lisbon tree tea.
There’s brothels, bars
And burnt-out cars
And urban-art graffiti
And ladyboys
From Clonmacnoise
And dialogue that’s meaty.
Alien trips
On saucered ships,
Return to earth for E.T.
Murd’rous monks
Who dress as punks
And moonshine from Tahiti.
True or not?
Sure who knows what
Is in the Lisbon Treaty?
It’s a treaty of refinement,
Parliamentary realignment.
It’s intensive, comprehensive,
Both inclusive and extensive,
The definitive convention
Of diplomatic circumvention,
Both inventive and attentive,
With political incentive,
Full of ethical sub-clauses
‘Bout pan-European causes.
It’s productive and instructive,
Multi-laterally constructive,
A quasi-terminal solution
To a federal constitution.
Three unsuccessful entries into RTE Drivetime's competition to explain the Lisbon Treaty in 50 words or less

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