Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Every time he testifies

Every time he testifies,
Suspicion haunts those hunted eyes.
“This really is unfair,” he cries
Amongst his more urbane replies.
“This questioning,” he mumbles, “flies
Straight in the face of all that’s wise.
My lawyers, with great tact, advise
You’re propagating my demise.”
Thus, as is his wont, he tries
The trusted Fianna Fail reprise,
Evincing wounded, hurt surprise
That folk suspect he’s telling lies.
But, ‘ere his testimony dries,
New evidence will doubtless rise
That, taken logically, defies
The “truth” he shamelessly supplies.


James Lawless said...

Hmm not sure about that latest sonnet but anyhows congrats on the pol blog nomination, might see you tomorrow night!

Peter Goulding said...

Thanks James. Think you're right about "Every time he testifies" - its pretty naff! - Pete